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Shantou New Oriental Obtained ECOCERT Certification
As an superior professional hotel amenities supplier of high-end international hotel group,Shantou New Oriental Hotel Amenities Ltd. strictly produced as per production management standards. While we are dedicated to develop organic formula and actively push natural organic production forward. Through the hard work, we finally got the Ecocert certified(both license and production certification), and we become the premier leader with innovative strength in the industry, and produced the personal care products complying with strict technical data requirement, and get access to international high-end personal care products manufacturers’ ranks.
The knowledge and process of what Ecocert certified is the symbol of ECOCERT SA, the EU Eco Organization. The organic certification guarantees the respect of the natural environment and usage of natural and organic ingredients. While we must ensure that no animal testing, no petrochemicals, no artificial colors, no artificial feeding, no animal emulsified and derivatives ingredients. Ecocert enjoys a good reputation in the international market,and its certification gets universally recognized from consumers and also in the organic industry.
Because ECOCERT get access to the EU authorities, the USDA NOP (as one of the first USDA approved four foreign certification bodies), and the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture JAS Certification and Accreditation Administration of China CNCA) recognition, but also can be certified in accordance with the soil Science Society of British soil association, Switzerland BioSuisse organic standards and other standards. Therefore, ECOCERT certification is the guarantee for Chinese organic products access to the world market.
At the same time, ECOCERT is the only one which is approved by the commission that its holder can do Chinese organic product business and Chinese GAP certification of joint ventures, also it’s the way for foreign products entering the Chinese organic market organic.