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bottle,dispenser,cap and etc...
1.Eco-friendly material;
2.Delicate and characteristic design;
3.Stylish color matching.
1.Natural Soap base;
2.Characteristic smell;
3.moisturizing and smooth touch.
Dental Kit, Shaving Kit
Dental Kit, Shaving Kit, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, shave cream...
1.Eco-friendly material;
2.Stylish appearance.
Sponge & Loofah, Vanity Kit, Comb
sponge, loofah, shower cap, vanity kit, cotton buds, cotton pads, emery board...
1. No harm for skin;
2. Eco-friendly material.
Box, Bag, Tray, Desk Accessories
gift box, amenities box, shopping bag, newspaper bag, non-woven bag, tray, desk accessories...
1. Design as you like.
Sewing Kit, Shoe Care, Hanger, In-room Accessories
sewing kit, mending kit, shoe mitt, shoe horn, shoe polisher, hanger, bottle opener, coaster, glass cover, stirrer, cocktail pick etc...
1.Design as you like.
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