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Nowadays environmental protection has become a serious topic. Environment crisis’s such as disappear of species, greenhouse gases (GHGs), extreme weather, etc. are imperiling the human environment directly. Emission of GHGs from supply chain, efficiency of energy and sustainability of environment have become the hotspot issues that manufacturers, government and public are concerning about. As a responsible enterprise, New Oriental has positively devoted us into environmental protection and sustainable development by preceding a series of measures to reduce and lower the undesirable effect to environment.

Environmental protection is not just a slogan!
Ask legitimate authority from the third party for audit and identification on environmental protection.
Currently, New Oriental has attained certification of “Carbon Footprints”, “Secondary Recycle Materials” and “Biodegradable Liquid & Inner Packing Materials”…
Regarding environmental protection, our aim is to put it into practice!

Achievements of Recycle Certification:

Carry through environmental protection, start from me, in every link.
To completely eradicate over-packing, select “Green” materials for production, advocate low-carbon office… At the stage of research and development, we actively pay attention to the international trend of environmental protection, create and develop new products with new technology and new materials, and all of our proprietary brands advocate claim for environmental protection; At the production stage, from materials purchasing to process of production, we strive to attain low loss, use environment-friendly materials and energy to reduce the burden of environment.
•   Actively research and develop green products
1. We actively innovate and provide the products and services which have low impact to the environment. With our new technology and green materials, the use in natural resources can be effectively used in the whole process of the production. We ensure the energy can be recycled and reused, by selecting the light materials rather than the heavy materials, avoiding over-packaging to reduce wastage of empty bottles, printing with soy ink and using recycled materials. 
2. We cooperate with the large environmental companies and suppliers all over the world. The Research and Development team creates the products with the top environmental technology and raw materials. For example, PSM, PLA, STONE PAPER is the green products that we invented for the hotels who share the same ideas with us. We will continue to develop more recycled hotel amenities.
•  Start Green, End Green
1. Minimize the energy and raw material waste in our production process and search for ways to minimize the impact of pollution.
2. We avoid over packaging and access the energy used from the product design to the end of production process.
3. We try our best to reduce the emission on production and utilized the energy we used, constantly improve our environment through the whole production process. We put great efforts to achieve making the best of resource and energy and the least consumption.
•  Corporate Environment Responsibility
1. New Oriental invested on the facilities for environmental protection, including Sewage Treatment Plants and replaced T8 light tube to T5 light tube.
2. We cooperate with suppliers that share the same ideas with us, urge the contractors and suppliers to meet the environmental protection requirements.
3. We encourage the contractors and suppliers to use low impact pollution materials in production, to avoid toxic chemicals release.
•  Regular Assessment
1. We strictly follow the environmental regulations set by the PRC and strive to meet the international standards in environmental protection.
2. Regularly monitor and measure the intensity of the plans, provide effective solution when needed, continually improve in environmental protection.
•  Education and training
1. We deliver and encourage our staffs to realize the responsibility for the environment and to the activities they are involved in.
2. We encourage our staffs to involve in the environmental protection activity and inspire them by having the right attitude and way of working, continually enhance their consciousness and awareness in environmental protection.
Spread divergently from me to others for Environmental protection.
As a responsible enterprise to environment, New Oriental not only practices environmental protection by our own, but also actively disseminate environmental protection by various of means and ways, e.g. to print low-carbon knowledge on back of paper boxes and paper bags to propagandize without increasing any additional cost, and contribute to more and more people join in the environmental protection.
Environmental protection is a difficult and long-term task, as well as a longtime responsibility of an enterprise. With constant, serious and responsible attitude, New Oriental will practice by our own, start from details and make our every effort to do contributions for environment…