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Supply Chain

New Oriental has a large and all-round supply chain of resources and good operation system to ensure to provide timely and reliable service for our clients.

We select suitable suppliers in serious and cautious way, and keep continuous assess, measure and improvement during cooperation process, thereby to benefit and promote our whole supply chain. Mainly referred to as bellow: 

● The most basic standard: Comply with legal requirements of local government, e.g. Do not employ child laborers & prisoner laborers, provide basic social security, etc.; 

● Commercial factors: Price, quality, scale, timeliness of delivery, credibility;

● According to established access standard to proceed strict onsite validation and factory audit to suppliers; 

● Standard goods inspection flow and strict quality control to ensure material purchased meet established requirements; 

● Keep close attention and communication with erratically inspection and checking to make sure the status of goods supply is good;

● Conclude and sign honest and clean agreement, boycott bad competition;

● Pay close attention to the market dynamic of goods supply, seek and select appropriate partners.