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The Enterprise Culture of New Oriental—“Rounder”
The Origin of “Rounder” Culture: “Proud of Great Virtue”
Honor: The literal meaning of this word is about the lush growth of trees and grass. And its extended meaning refers to prosperous and flourishing phenomenon, also it means a person is respected by the other people with glory richness.
Virtue: The literal meaning of this word is doing something complied with the rules of the nature, society and human being's objective. It is also about developing your business without breaking the development of nature and society. And its extended meaning is about personality including morality, ethic virtue, respect, political integrity. New Oriental will strive for the forefront step in the field of hotel amenities with the principle of honesty and virtue. We will try our best to obtain the trust of all the staff, customers and the recognition in the related market.
“Rounder” is Shantou New Oriental Corporate’s cultural origin, and its cultural core of which stem from the understanding of Honor and Virtue. Since New Oriental founded, our corporate always adhere to the culture of “Rounder”, and “Proud of Great Virtue” is what all staff of us pursue all the time.
For “Rounder” Culture, its basic meaning, just like its green “Rounder“ Character, symbolizes the prosperous and rapid development of New Oriental as the explosion of bamboo in early spring. And another extended meaning, just as per its English word “Rounder” (homophonic with Chinese spelling “Rongde”), is to provide better and better service as well as more perfect products all over the world. And it is our final pursuit to create a harmony realm. Furthermore, All the staff will strive for the prosperous career of Rounder hand in hand with the guidance of our general manager.
The Principle of “Rounder” Culture: To mutually honor and coexist with each other; To carry all things with great virtue.
Every creature in the universe is an independent exist who has more or less connection with each other and the nature. A promising development of a human being will depend on not only his nature but also the positive influence of the working environment, the active cooperation with his partnership, even the cruel competitor who will help us to push ourselves forward without any laziness. Developing together and having a prosperous future together is the essential purpose of the principle of Rounder. To carry all the thing with great virtue means that Rounder will carry all the things with the virtue of nature and the world. We will pursuit a tolerant and kind heart.
The Core of “Rounder” Culture: Round and Virtue
Round: This adjective means the staff in Rounder should work and communicate with each other with a comprehensive and united attitude in order to create a harmony working surrounding.
Round also means more perfect. Rounder will work more meticulously, more professionally and more concentrative.
Round also means round spot in geometry. Rounder is the axis, and every staff in Rounder will cooperate under its guidance; and all the cooperation between employee and employer will make great effect to the development of the enterprise—Rounder. Employee and the enterprise are closely linked.
Virtue: It means carrying the heart with love, dedication and gratitude. We are proud of carrying everything with virtue, willing to help others, protecting the environment and other goodness and kindness. We always believe that no pains, no gains.